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Fine Art Transportation Service

Williams & White have been working towards a new area of business, transporting artwork across the UK and Europe, and it’s kicked off with a bang. Recently we travelled to the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany to transport artwork for the the Queen Mary 2 refit. We collecting artwork from multiple locations around the UK, storing them at our warehouse and delivering them onto the boat itself. As some of the artwork was extremely heavy and delicate, additional packaging and protection had to be applied, ensuring that the artwork was delivered exactly the way it was made. Using the on-site cranes the artwork was lifted to onto the boat and moved by hand to where it was going to be displayed. It was a privilege to see the artwork being transported onto the boat itself and having the chance to take a look at what an amazing job Cunard did with the refit. The Queen May 2  is set to arrive on the 23rd June 2016 at Southampton docks at 6:30.

See video below

The Reason

In the past we have moved many clients with artwork in their homes and offices, so we know that transporting fine art needs special care and attention. Over the years we have had outstanding feedback from clients, commenting on the level of detail we go into to protecting and transporting their personal belongings, so we have decided to take a direct approach to a specialist fine art transportation service. Working with dealers, agents and galleries we provide this service across the UK and Europe.  Honing in on our skills we also manufacture specialist crating, from artwork to chandeliers to ensure that what we are transporting arrives in immaculate condition.