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Renovating your property

If you have decided to alter your family home to give it a little extra sparkle or you have a substantial renovation project on your hands, you may consider putting your personal belongings into storage. Setting your personal effects into store has its advantages from protection and security to freedom and peace of mind. With your belonging out of the way you are free to work on your property creating space and reducing time. At Williams & White we work with our clients to reduce this down time with our full packing service and storage facility to ensure your belonging are handled with care into our high security compound.


From fine art to household effects, we know just how much you care about the safety of your items, at Williams & White we will protect and transport your items into store with great care because we know how much it means to our clients. That’s why we are routinely recommended from client to client, letting us handle the logistics of storage to make the process just that little less stressful.

If you’re in need of a reliable and safe method of storage, our staff are on hand to discuss and guide you through this process.


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