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Help us to secure just 10 moves per year and you could receive £1000 in gift cards.

Our referral rewards scheme can help you treat yourself, your friends, or a family member. All you have to do is provide Williams & White with a *qualified referral to a potential client and we’ll reward you with £25 credit on a gift card, if that referral turns into a client we’ll add a further £75, making the total for the referral £100! 

All you need to do is register for the scheme below.

    An account will be set up for you and every three months your gift card will be delivered to you loaded with the amount you have generated from your referrals, happy referring!

    Alternatively, you can email your interest to

    *Qualified Referral Criteria

    • You must know the client is planning to move and recommend Williams & White to them.
    • You must ensure that the client is expecting us to make contact and are happy for us to do so.
    • You must supply the full name, address, and best contact phone number for the client.
    • We are not interested in being one of many quotes; therefore we will only quote alongside a maximum of two other companies.
    • We promise to treat all referrals you pass over with care and professionalism at all times.

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