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Moving companies across the UK & Europe

At Williams & White we have extensive experience of full office relocations and business moves. We will work with you to relocate your business as quickly and safely as possible, with minimum disruption and downtime. All of our staff are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that your move is completed efficiently, whether your company is moving just a few miles or is heading overseas.


We know that downtime is very damaging to your business.  Our trained staff will work around office hours to enable your business to keep running with minimum disruption.

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Office relocations & storage

At Williams & White we provide a service like no other, we can work around the clock relocating offices outside usual business hours to reduce downtime. Whether you are a single person or a large company, we will move your office or stock swiftly to enable your business to maintain continuity.

We also offer fantastic archive storage for companies across the south of England, on both flexible long and short term contracts.

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